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Your Soul Wants its Freedom

We have all heard the ample discussions of a New Age, a New Earth, a Fifth Dimension, and so many other monikers for a long-overdue overhaul of humanity’s energetic signature, and our strained relationship with our host planet.

The fact of the matter is that the majority of light beings currently incarnated are here to relinquish their karmic baggage, and to begin a new cycle whilst remaining in the same physical body, with the same appellation. Energetically speaking, all else will have changed, whether the individual understands the scope, or not.

This is unprecedented and here to give so many a new lease on life. What we are essentially looking at is a universal before and after transformation, whereby we are all given a second chance to embrace what we have always loved yet suppressed and to revel in the possibility of exploring this anew, finally achieving true meaning and fulfillment. Our souls have traveled through the millennia, accruing karma, suffering, and much pain, only to arrive at this specific point in space and time to release all of this weight, and be completely reborn. This has been a yearning of the soul, often for longer than time exists, hence the meaning of the current cycle Earth is undergoing. The magnitude of this must be appreciated in understanding where this currently brings us.

Beyond this point, there is a growing necessity to release the attachments of the first half of our current lifetime, free of guilt, shame, and overwhelming feelings of owing one person or another. The ultimate duty of the Soul at this time is reformatting itself from the way it has been since entering the karmic dance. This supersedes all other attachments and responsibilities. The completion of this task means the Soul would finally enter a period of freedom, of exploration, embracing its childlike curiosity and thirst for the world without the heft of ancient pain. Said pain has become an identity in itself, courtesy of the ego. In other words, it is exclusively through this stained lens we have gotten to know ourselves, byproducts of the trauma we have experienced in this lifetime and ones prior. And yet, the Soul is infinitely more than that, and it demands from us to take responsibility for our gifts, our light, and to finally break free from these shackles, by understanding the patterns that get us there, and the behaviors we so oft exhibit that render us unable to escape this cycle.

The Soul deserves a new journey, a new opportunity to rediscover itself without the weight of karma, reminiscent of its existence when it was a spark of light emanating from the Central Sun of the Multiverse. Ultimately, it wants its freedom from what and who it was, finally embodying its truest, unrepressed form. The main obstacle to achieving this lies within ourselves, within every son, daughter, husband, wife, friend, partner, needing to embrace the resolve of releasing any and all environments and attachments that clash with our frequency and progress. This shall be with the total absence of feelings of guilt, false duty, and shame, most of which have been programmed into us by our current societal status quo.

All elements in our lives so far, whether conducive to love or trauma, have been transient. They are meant to teach us about self-love through adversity, engaging us on a search for a return to the Creator. The closer we get, individuals and environments of the past simply begin to melt away and become mere energetic resonance of what was. Memories are replaced with possibility, curiosity, and love for life and oneself. Our personal ability to discern the obsolete and the relevant will serve as our compass through this new episode of renewal. The capability to navigate this unknown territory with such a compass will boil down to our own ability to be honest with ourselves, accept our inner truth, and the total release of any fears that may impinge on our current vision of a new reality in the making. There are no longer any dreams that cannot take form, for, when we take toll of the truest nature of our Creator’s light, we finally understand that it knows no bounds.

We are, have been, and always will be light in a bottle. It is time to let it free.

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