I was born in Switzerland more than 30 years ago and have since lived in 7 different countries. This had given me the chance to explore different cultures and see the world as one community of being and not divisively, as we are portrayed, but as one race and one people, citizens of this amazing planet. I have lived a left-brained existence most of my life, going about the route of studies and career with a firm will to succeed for many years. Since childhood, I have refused to adhere to any frameworks of nationality or religion since I always felt I did not belong and there was something more meaningful out there. I have always asked questions and fed my curiosity with answers about the metaphysical, especially since the internet came out. I chose a career of entrepreneurship with different ventures from technology to jewelry, but in all honestly never found myself in these.


I have very strongly been impacted by women figures throughout my life, and, as an avid lover of art, nature, and music, and armed with abundant creativity, I have struggled to reconcile this with my drive for success, fueled by my male ego, and the left-brain principles of the 3D world. As I matured and met my other half, I understood that my right-brain was asking to shine through and I needed to accept my introverted nature, not as a sign of weakness, but as the ability to pause and reflect on things with the heart and not the mind.

Because of this constant battle within myself, I endured many hardships and obstacles which began to increase with my Awakening process which started in 2007. By 2009, I had reached rock-bottom, and was forced to choose between continuing towards the downward spiral I was on and paving a new way. Eventually I asked the universe to send me a teacher that could teach me the spiritual tools I so needed, as I had seen every specialist possible for physical and psychological problems and reached a dead-end. 2 weeks later, on my way to Jerusalem for my birthday, an older woman sat in front of me on the train, all dressed in white with icy blue eyes and started channeling. Eventually I asked her if she was communicating with spirit and she smiled and looked me and said “ so…you are the one they sent me to find, I have been pacing up and down the aisle looking for a seat forever and then it clicked it was here.” I smiled. She introduced me to my Indigo energy. That was the beginning of my journey.

I have since ventured out on my own, continually evolving, embracing my right-brain, love, and working to peel the 3D layers off and reveal my 5D self. As I find myself almost a decade later, I am thankful, blessed, and reciprocating, happily helping people who come my way, in the same state I was in so many years ago. I have since found my other half, my passion, let go of the superfluous, and trained myself to be ever-adapting and fluid in these times whilst letting the light and the Creator show me exactly who I have always been, under all the fear, the anger, and the blockages of my prior existence. I have relinquished pursuits of success and “glory” for LOVE, the will to embrace happiness on a daily and hourly basis, and to be a permanent seeker of truth and purity.

We are all here to be what we have always been. We are blessed to be awake or awakening and to have a community spanning the globe for feedback, love, and help. I am happy to be part of that cycle. After so many years offline, I am happy to be able to share my experiences through this website and help those awakening.  Being well aware of the field of consciousness, I look forward to actually providing readers and visitors to this site with tools that they can utilize in their daily lives to help them ascend properly and fluidly.Thank you for finding me to find yourself.




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