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Thank you for being here. The most important part of evolving and changing is the willingness to do so. I have been in exactly this position a decade or so ago, having reached a crossroads in my life and I had to make a choice. I asked the Universe for guidance to be sent to me with the tools I needed. Two weeks later that is exactly what happened, and my life changed. That was the beginning of a long journey of introspection and addressing what was no longer serving me. Since then, I have practiced with the tools I was given, developed my own and grown every day, helping people from all walks of life. I have been able to learn something about myself from all these people the Universe has sent my way and I strive to continue doing that. I use various techniques within personal sessions that enable me to diagnose problematic and traumatic areas of a patients’ energy field and consciousness. I use the guidance of their spirit guides, under the light of the Source, to understand best what they need the most to resolve their issues at hand. Ultimately, I am a messenger with some tools that help me guide you towards discovering your true self, but the work is done by you and the willingness to change is a big part of that. We are all infinite beings of light and love, and I am just here to help you remember how infinitely amazing and beautiful you are. We are always evolving and there can be no growth out of comfort or stagnation. I am happy to help you build trust in the process and your guides so you can follow the light where it needs to lead you and let go of the hardships.

*The only prerequisite for booking a session is to have a clear idea of the WHY and WHAT you wish to address, as well as having examined your commitment to the work at hand. Spiritual guides are only here to point you in the right direction, like a compass. Only you can decide how far you wish to go, and how committed you are to change.* 

Amongst the different techniques I use during Personal Sessions are:


·       Past-Lifetime Regression Therapy using visualization

·       Channeling your guidance to understand what is the root cause of the issue

·       Healing Energies according to need

·       Core Belief Resolution

·       Help open communication between you and yourself (your Soul, Higher Self, your guidance)



The Sessions available at this time are:


A Discussion Session, which serves as an introductory experience to understand your journey and receive tools to navigate it effectively (77 Dollars per 1/2 hour/session)



A Discussion and Channeling Session, which is good for a first time experience and to understand your Soul message (111 Dollars per hour/session)



 A Past-Lifetime Regression Therapy Session, whereby we go to past lifetimes to break patterns and address wounds, clear them and their energy from your life today, coupled with daily affirmation and commitment work (150 Dollars per session/hour)

A Dedicated Healing Session for Addressing All Forms of ABUSE, ADDICTION, and NARCISSISM, geared towards individuals that are currently going through these cycles, or have experienced them in the past, personally, or at the hands of someone else. This session is geared towards removing all karmic blockages, and spiritual wounds associated with these issues, and to allow the person to move forward with their lives, free of this burden. We will unravel the underlying cause for bringing these  manifestations of the absence of love into ones' incarnation, and imprint new energetic choices instead

(150 Dollars per session/hour over 2 sessions minimum)



Also available per request are Personalized Sessions covering:


 Connection with Guidance From the Heart, in order to find our inner voice and truth, connecting us to our Soul, Higher Self and Creation (150 Dollars per session/hour)


 Love and Relationships in This New Time, in order to establish a relationship with ourselves and find our energetic match and love in this lifetime as we ground into 5D (150 Dollars per session/hour).


5D Business Integration, helping to create, renew or establish projects and new businesses with the right foundation of respect, love and cohesion (150 Dollars per session/hour over 3 sessions




All prices listed are in US Dollars.


If you desire to book multiple sessions ahead, there are different packages available. There is a minimum of 3 sessions at a 10% discount.



All sessions are held via Skype (indigolight2222) or via Google Hangouts. It is recommended to send an invitation through Skype or Hangouts 24 hours prior to the session in case there are questions or technical queries.


Please contact me via email at indigolight2222@gmail.com or via Skype at indigolight2222 to answer any questions you may have regarding costs and the process. To book a session go to www.paypal.me/indigolightlove, or click on the button below to complete the payment via Stripe.





Must be 18 years of age or older.  Indigo Light and the owner associated with this service is not held accountable for decisions made by the recipient. These sessions and spiritual guidance are not to replace medical treatment, psychiatric treatment, or to act as legal or financial advice. If you have concerns in these areas, please consult a reputable professional in the respective field.  Any and all decisions and actions made by the individual requesting the session are the sole responsibility of that individual. By purchasing a session, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions stated by Alexander Papageorghiou of Indigo Light.


Please consider all information carefully before proceeding with your purchase


For any cancellation or change, please notify us no less than 6 hours before the actual session. A no-show session or cancellation will be subject to an automatic 50% deduction of the session cost. Rescheduling will have to include an additional amount equivalent to 50% the value of the session. 



All services provided are non-refundable and by purchasing this service you are agreeing to this. YOUR PAYPAL/STRIPE RECEIPT IS YOUR CONFIRMATION. 


All sessions are a one-on-one basis. In cases of more than one client present during the sessions, the cost will be equivalent to 2 individual sessions.


In-person sessions are available for the Ottawa-Gatineau area. A minimum of 2 hours session must be booked in advance to schedule









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