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Updated: Apr 5, 2021

YOU HAVE VALUE. You have infinite value. Your entire awakening process has been geared towards reigniting that understanding of value, relinquishing ties to outside validation, and the approval of others. We have all been given the gift of being beacons for infinite light, creativity, love, curiosity, and imagination. For this, we were created. The propagation of this energy is meant to heal the planetary consciousness, and re-establish its magnetic grid through our quantum understanding of the world. We are the ones we are so fervently seeking for.

The current cycle of energy we find ourselves in is about creation, or rather, re-creating the Earth we once knew, free of the archaic burden of its karmic debt. The last 18 months have allowed us to see the damaged parts of our society, those that need the most care in order to be balanced. We see the world as it has been for centuries, pain and damage that cannot be unseen, our human trauma asking to be addressed, accepted, healed, and released. Throughout this process, our collective and individual value has been brought into question. It has become overtly apparent that we must rectify our perception of self, shifting away from preconceptions based on obsolete ideas of race, ethnicity, religion, and socio-economic status. These have sought only to denigrate the many, obliterating one's idea of value. The majority of our planetary consciousness has been made to feel as if they do not really have value, or that their value is somehow inferior to anothers’, as per the aforementioned criteria. Throughout the centuries, these perceptions have become ingrained in our DNA, our very idea of self, perpetuated through the generations, becoming inseparable from our current state of being.

All of this is merely an illusion meant for the few to control the many, a mechanism as old as time.

This specific energy has begun to subside in the last year and a half. It demands to be replaced by an understanding of value that supersedes all earthly and visible perceptions. Humanity has felt devalued, pit against itself for far too long. After 2022, its effects will become increasingly apparent.

Today, we face certain challenges involving the renewal of our sense of self, our understanding of self-value, and the inclusion of love in our lives. The main tangible affront that we face today is the EGO in its modern form. Having acquiesced to the values bred into us throughout all of these lifetimes, it has created a contemporary perception of self which directly contradicts our inner light and its infinite dimensions of consciousness. It is limited, sequestered, compartmentalized into dimensions that fit into society’s idea about an individual, where they should belong, and what their behavior and temperament should subsequently be, despite that individual being made of a completely different energy. With time, he/she begins to believe it, and the EGO reinforces said notion of limitation through self-doubt, guilt, shame. This occurs at the very thought of branching out into something new, something that feels genuine, loving, and that nourishes ones’ desire to learn about the world, and, in turn, learning about oneself.

The EGO as it stands must be reprogrammed. It has been on auto-pilot for as long as it knows itself. Therefore, its actions, and the manner in which it clouds our thoughts and interjects in our inner process with incredulity and doubt, are not down to any malicious conditioning. It simply seeks to do what it knows, and to protect the organism it is bound to from getting wounded once again. Certain behaviors have hurt the SELF in the past. The EGO stepped in, unconsciously, to ensure these would not reoccur simply by creating a “self-fulfilling prophecy” scenario should one try to repeat a behavior, therefore conditioning us to avoid these altogether. With time, the idea of trial and error went out the window, we became afraid to try, to fail, as we could already taste the pain and shame of such an “error.”

We avoided any risk resulting from discomfort and ended up in a predictable world based on preconceived ideas that have nothing to do with our modern quantum reality. We “played it safe.” Meanwhile, our light lay awaiting, our infinity muted, depleted of expression, and our OVERSOUL watching over us, ruing for the day we would allow that spark to reignite.

A new cycle was brought on since the beginning of 2020 that is doing precisely this. The spark is lit and enlightening everything around us a warp speed. With every thought of positivity and love, we allow it to spread further, uprooting our EGO in its old form, enabling us to feel value, and to be valued.

Through this latest cycle we further discovered the myriad mechanisms the EGO has used to intervene within our lives, the manner in which it would meddle with our thoughts, replacing certainty and confidence with doubt and fear, all out of the desire to fulfill its role as a watchdog over our perceived human frailty. With the awakened understanding of SELF these times have afforded us, we are finally understanding that the only remaining barriers that prevent us from being freed from the devalued self, are those that emanate from within. There was never any real boundary preventing us from achieving anything, at any time. Everything was perceived, not tangibly real. As the EGO is asked to undergo a metamorphosis, we are increasingly responsible for understanding how and when it manifests, and, through this new observational cycle, to hinder its expression by simply asking it to cease with limitations and learn how to embody the realm of possibility. The responsibility is solely ours, first through acquiescence, then dedication.

As the old programming has been thoroughly established, replacing it will take time, and we must be patient and willing to affirm our value through thoughts aligned with our inner light, and love, and through action that reflects limitless possibilities and true faith in our abilities. This is visibly a new interface with our conscious creation, but one that we are adept at bringing to fruition. We must remember how Source created us, and the true intention at hand. We were given every gift possible, abounding with creativity, and assured in our ability to mold our reality to our frequency. For millennia, we chose to forget. We now have no choice but to remember. The current cycles will no longer allow complacency or fear in this matter. After all, in the eyes of the Multiverse, we have value, and we are valued. Is it not crazy to live by the old criteria in our modern lives on Earth?

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