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I was initially introduced to Reiki in 2009 when completing the Usui Reiki I and II certification. I recognized it as a powerful tool for healing and regeneration, and yet, I only used it when healing was urgently needed. This would entail a brief period of intense Reiki practice until the problem was resolved. One two occasions it cured ailments that I had been told I would have to learn to live with. The more acute case was a sudden acute hearing loss in my right ear whilst traveling in Mexico during the pandemic in 2020. I was told there was little chance I would recover and given an assortment of pills and anti-inflammatories, many of which I did not consume. After 10 days, I had completely recovered my hearing. That was it, a success story, but short lived, as I did not use Reiki again for another 3 years when my life was turned upside down.

In the summer of 2022, after a bout with covid, my hearing was once again affected. Both my ears were now completely blocked for months. Hearing tests confirmed I had lost hearing, and there was no clear indication if this would worsen or how to treat it. It began to affect my interaction with the world, something I had taken for granted. As much as the 2020 episode was sudden, and acute, I saw improvement and change daily. This was another story. Everything was muffled, my perception of the world insulated by something outside of my control. I was given sprays and told to do a battery of tests but no solution was given. I was thinking of the future, how it would affect my life, my interfacing with loved ones, and so much more. It was a terrifying thought, one that had crossed my mind 3 years prior, one that I let go of shortly after.

I decided there had to be a solution. I went on a regimen of Ozone therapy and Infrared Light Therapy. I eventually halted these after many sessions as they had served their purpose, but the improvement was minimal. I had been using Reiki the entire time but felt like I needed an upgrade. It began feeling like this was all guiding me somewhere. I remembered that when ears are affected, there is obviously something we refuse to hear. All roads were once again leading me on the self-healing path. Conventional medicine was limited and absolute. Alternative solutions were powerful but not enough, and too costly.

I located a practitioner in my area of Montreal. After a few sessions, I felt it necessary to complete a course with her and get my Reiki Master certification. It felt more and more like this was the avenue the Universe was highlighting for me, and I had to follow it blindly. The course was truly a life-altering experience. I had felt a healing crisis following our sessions together, as well as on my own, but it elevated everything. I felt more connected than ever before. As a spiritual guide of 15 years, I had never felt as elevated as after a session with my new attunements. Everything was clear, the ego was subdued. I could see the path ahead, and I somehow had mustered the faith and patience to face it. I was in it for the long haul, regardless of what the medical profession had highlighted for me.

Here we are, months afterwards, and everything has truly changed. My perception of life is altered. Everything is lighter. The work of these last few months, along with many Reiki sessions, have changed me in a way that all the insights, messages, and upgrades of the 15 years prior could not. I have endured acute healing crises, bringing up pain and loss that I had long buried, and been forced to face all the facets of my life that I refused to up until now. This encompasses all of the physical issues that I have dealt with over the last 20 years, along with my hearing situation. I noticed, with the passing of the days, that I was becoming more compassionate, patient, and found faith where it was absent prior. The initial idea was to remedy my hearing and move on, but it had become a transformative experience.

I remembered my 21-day Usui initiation back in the day, and the intensity, but it had halted after I stopped practicing routinely afterwards, and the feeling diminished with time. This time around, insights kept on flooding in, trauma was resolved, I began to see life as it is, not as I wanted it to be. I released desires and attachments to specific outcomes, embracing the moment. I changed my relationship with my body to one of patience, love, and softness. I embraced a new feminine energy that helped me begin to let go of the fight or flight that had characterized my life for so many years. Dealing with acute PTSD and childhood trauma became clearer, easier. There was hope to deal with wounds that I only knew how to push aside. It empowered me day by day, that such a passive and relaxing practice could change so much. I got acquainted with my ego, understood the patterns of minimizing myself as a person, casting a shadow on my light, obscuring my power. My hearing is improving, but it has taught me so much in the process. How to listen, how to surrender, how to release all that is out of my control. All of this is attributed to the power of Reiki. I realized how much resistance there was within, that I was petrified of my light as a being, that illness was just a self-imposed, self-regulating pattern to keep me down. I saw how sessions with clients helped them overhaul painful aspects of their lives, even healing their bodies when they had tried everything. A truly powerful tool in its simplicity. The love of the Creator channeled through your vessel towards self or another. Life is energy, so why would this be any different?

Before this all happened, 2022 was wrought with difficulty. I was disillusioned with my online holistic business, and I increasingly had difficulty seeing a clear vision of the future. The pandemic had brought many things to the surface and there was an inherent sadness at the way things were, a depression that went on for very long. The occurrence with my hearing really swooped in to wake me up, as painful as it has been, to redirect my energy where it is needed, and give me a new sense of purpose. I now understand this to be a complete “soul renovation,” not meant for a singular physical issue, but for all those unaddressed for so long that led to this scenario playing out. All of this because of the Reiki.

This is why I feel comfortable saying that Reiki saved my life, by healing all aspects of self, by shifting life to one of service, by helping me appreciate how much pain and trauma there is saturating this planet, and how much healing is needed; by highlighting my role in this, and giving me purpose. For this I will be eternally thankful to this energy in all its forms, to the Universe and to the journey, and I look forward to helping many along the way, sharing this gift. I believe the world would be just fine if we all knew Reiki and let it awaken us. It would gently remove all those layers unseen, until you could envision yourself clearly and learn how to love the real facets of YOU.

If you ever felt like this is what you wished to achieve but did not know how, this could very well be your answer.

Much Love,


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