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My Journey and the Parallels to Yours

My journey started over 30 years ago in Switzerland, onto Israel and Greece. I was always at odds with the world around me, filled with questions about the real meaning of life, and seeing through the veil of our society very clearly. I found myself living in Israel from my early teens onwards until college, after which I travelled and eventually returned to a place that was elementary to my Ascension process, but I could never call home. My questions went mostly unanswered and for many years I really struggled to find myself within the confines of society, and to understand my true belonging. This persisted until my mid-twenties, by which time I had reached a crisis point, and a complete deconstruction of all fronts of my life, personal, physical, family, and professional, ensued. I found myself, at that point, in a crisis state, which culminated in a near-death experience. That crossroads gave me a very clear choice and what became a second chance: to continue on the path I was on and self-destruct, or to see this as a rebirth and take the opportunity to finally get answers to the questions that had irked me for so long. I wanted to understand the meaning of our lives and the construct behind the “reality” we call life, the real one. I remained unconvinced that the physical world we lived in, with our politics, socio-economic strata, and government, was all there was.

I embarked on a journey into the metaphysical, studying day and night, reading anything I could get my hands on, and beginning my novice meditation. Eventually, I understood I was going to need a teacher that could concentrate all the disciplines I needed to learn under one roof and give me the guidance I so needed. I asked for the Universe to make that a reality as I was truly ready. I needed to learn how to channel and heal so that I could go directly to the Source and get my answers. On my 26th birthday, 2 or 3 weeks after my request, I had a rocky, sleepless night, seeing the Wailing Wall over and over again. I eventually got up and decided to take a journey to Jerusalem, even though I was really not keen on religion as a concept, or holy places. As I journeyed on the train, an older woman dressed clad in white with piercing blue eyes, sat down in front of me after pacing up and down the aisle. She began channeling, something I was familiar with by that time. I asked her if she was. She smiled at me and told me I may be the reason she was there. We spoke during the entire ride and she taught exactly what I needed to learn, from Channeling, to Reiki, Healing, Past-Lifetime Regression Therapy, and other more esoteric tools. I kept her business card for 2 weeks until I finally walked into her center. The story of our meeting had spread around, and it was the beginning of the NEW ME.

From that day onward, I expanded my lexicon, opened up my mind, cleared my chakras and set out on my own after approximately a year. My solo journey took me further than I had hoped to go. I experienced the etheric realm in ways I had not before, and got acquainted with new guides from beyond. I kept on channeling, gathering information about the planet, the galaxy and the universe, understanding the Karmic journey we had taken as a planetary collective, and witnessed phenomena in the physical realm that opened my mind to the infinity we were missing by existing solely in 3D. In the process, I wrote a book, which will be soon released. I met my Galactic family from the Multiverse, from the Arcturian Council of Light, the Ascended Masters, Central Sun of the Universe, and beings from the highest frequencies of the angelic realm. I understood my purpose and my journey from before I was the current incarnation of myself and why I had felt so lost for so long. I took responsibility for the choices I had made leading to my awakening in this lifetime. I stopped blaming the world around me and decided to dedicate myself to self-development and my Ascension Process. I grew, over the last decade, closer to the Source and its light, than I ever thought possible, and used that light to remind myself daily of the purpose light beings have in this new age, and the commitment that I had made to myself, to this planet, to the ascending, and to my brothers and sisters in the etheric realm.

It has taken me many years to fully commit my time and drive to the path that had found me so many years ago, to leave behind me the world of enterprise, and all I had been doing for so many years. I had remained unfulfilled and I viewed all of it from an increasingly lackluster appeal as time passed. I am delighted to be here, in the NOW, to spread the love and share all I have learned over the years, all the experiences, and all they have contributed to the person I am today.

You are, beings of light, all products of similar paths, from catalysts of awakening, to learning and cleansing process, and currently embracing your full potential and 5D principles. The Ascension is in its most potent stage and you are flourishing and being the most YOU that you have ever been, as blockages, fears, and anger are being removed and love is flooding into your lives and driving you towards your true paths, of teaching, of healing, of helping, and spreading the light throughout this brand new world.

I want to thank you for being here and for being present, aware, and accepting, with fluidity, this eventful period in our lives as a planetary consciousness.

Much Love,


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I was impatiently searching for this software, Finally i got it. You may check it out.


I was impatiently searching for this software, Finally i got it. You may check it out.


Well said, I very much enjoy your blogs and vids...your light shines out like a beacon...thank you for all you are doing my friend. Much love 🌹

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